Auditions # 1

The people who earn white aprons today include Natasha, with her empanadas and chimmichuri skirt steak, Brian, with his beaver tail and frog chips, Jordan, with his Ancho Chile Tostada, Adriana, with her Mexican cactus soup, and Krissi, with her meatloaf florentine. Natasha, Bethy, Lynn, Jordan, and Krissi get all 3 yes's. Adriana and Brian got only 2 yes's. Adriana very nearly gets a no from Joe. George got mediacored on his Greek wedding soup and failed to get a white apron so he did a marriage proposal to his girlfriend instead

Auditions # 2

People who earn white aprons today include Jessie, with her seabass encroute, Sasha, with her fried chicken and crepes, Bime, with his shrimp and plantains, James, with his crispy pork belly and lentil hash, Eddie, with his jerk meatloaf, and returning chef Luca, with his broccoli rabe ravioli. Sasha receives 3 yes's. Bime, James, Eddie and Luca only get 2. Jessie couldn't convince Gordon that her dish was good enough, but she got an apron after winning the fish-filleting challenge proposed by him.

Auditions # 3

The people who earn white aprons today include Howard, with his peach cobbler, and Jonny, with his lobster crackerjack..