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SteinbeckFan0970 SteinbeckFan0970 10 November 2020

Formatting a contestant's infobox

Hi everyone,

For all contestants, please follow the following format below.

If the contestant had 0 winnings in a section, please mark it zero if they participated. If they didn't participate, please put N/A.

(CONTESTANT'S FULL NAME) was a contestant on Season (NUMBER) of MasterChef (insert country, but leave it blank if the contestant participated in the U.S. version). He/She ranked in (PLACEMENT NUMBER) place.

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SteinbeckFan0970 SteinbeckFan0970 8 July 2020

Application for Adoption

Just so everyone knows, I have submitted an application to adopt this wiki at Community Central. Christijoy1, the current administrator, hasn't edited here since April 28, 2014, and as the most active contributor to the wiki and the creator of pages for most of the contestants that were missing, along with the competition's key format for this TV show wiki. I am also gradually adding key content to fill up a contestant's page such as their performance, personality, and progression throughout the competition. As of this point, I think I'm in the best position to take on a leadership role here.

I invite anyone who reads this to discuss my nomination and/or nominate else someone for an administrative position.

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 6 August 2019

MasterChef USA Season 10 Top 10 Power Rankings

Last week, we lost Renee on a twist during the immunity challenge; we also lost Wuta right after the elimination challenge. That honestly isn't much of a surprise. I liked these past episodes because it showed us the true profile of these homecooks on the baking standpoint. The perfect challenges to throw right before the top 10. So we're now down to the top 10 contestants in season 10 of MasterChef (X in X right?) Let's get onto ranking our top 10 contestants!:

10) Bri: Bri Is clearly falling behind in this competition. She's overhyping her food and is beginning to make decisions that doesn't represent herself. She's clearly on a steep decline. This might affect her if her team loses next episode.

9) Subha: Subha doesn't have the artistry t…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 1 August 2019

MasterChef USA Season 10 Top 12 Power Rankings

Last week, we lost Sam which wasn't a big surprise. Now, we're down to the top 12 contestants in MasterChef. We're very near the top 10 and the number of contenders just keep on rising! Let's rank the top 12!:

12) Renee: Renee has been falling short a lot lately. She looks like she has huge passion, but she's just falling short in almost every challenge so far.

11) Subha: Subha just can't get away with spices. He's beginning to show as a one trick pony. Top 10 is certainly coming soon, I just can't see Subha having an edge on getting in to that milestone if he doesn't expand out of his wheelhouse.

10) Bri: Bri certainly fell under the pressure last episode. She definitely does have some fire lit in her. However her performance last week made …

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 25 July 2019

MasterChef USA Season 10 Top 13 Power Rankings

Last week, we lost Keturah. Keturah was a pretty good contender that came from London, and well coincidentally, the only one in season 10 so far that has been eliminated outside the masterchef kitchen (the masterchef patio). Well, the competition is getting thinner and thinner now since we're only down to the top 13. Let's rank them for another week! (keep in mind, although I may have wrote this after episode 12 (top 13 immunity) has aired, I didn't watch any of this yet  so all my judgements will be fair):

13) Fred: Fred has been disappearing a lot lately; honestly, if you think about fred's journey, his journey from the top 20 all the way to the top 13 has been a fluke. Aside from prepping ingredients well, he only cooked two dishes indi…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 17 July 2019

MasterChef USA Season 10 Top 14 Power Rankings

Last episode, we lost Michael (16th place) and Liz (15th place). I'm surprised that Michael went home because he kept on getting stronger in the competition beforehand. Liz, on the other hand, isn't too surprising because she hasn't really been a contender anyways. Now, we're down to the top 14 - pretty low number of contestants left for mid July isn't it? Alright, not much shifts in the rankings. Let's get into ranking the top 14:

14) Sam: Sam seems to be so full of himself at the moment. He kind of? sabotaged the blue team in the team challenge and cooked raw meatballs in the tag team challenge. Even though he shown a bit of promise in the tag team challenge. He is just constantly ranking in the bottom of the competition with just one or…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 6 July 2019

MasterChef USA Season 10 Top 16 Power Rankings

Now we're entering the month of July with only the top 16 remaining. Pretty fast compared to past seasons. Now let's talk about Evan. Evan could've been easily safe last episode, even in the mystery box challenge, had he listened to the judges. Even though he made the top 6 in the mystery box. His tarte tatin certainly gave him karma for his inability to listen to the judges. As Joe said something like how things would get him back later, it certainly held true for Evan since he's the one who walked out of the front door last week. Now, some shakeups and surprises in this week's power rankings. Let's get on ranking the top 16!

16) Sam: Sam had a double whammy last week. He got into the bottom 3 of the mystery box and the bottom 3 of the el…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 26 June 2019

MasterChef USA Season 10 Top 17 Power Rankings

Last week was the very first team challenge of the season. We also had a monumental pressure test. We lost Kimberly last week which was not surprising at all considering she messed up with the fried chicken during the team challenge. Now, some mix in the rankings this week compared to last week. Some hits and some misses last week. Let's get on ranking the top 17!:

17) Micah: Micah for me is always hit or miss. Considering this is season 10, he may buckle up under the pressure. He cooked chicken coq au vin but even Gordon Ramsay said that he didn't cook chicken coq au vin. Cooking a dish with very little context would get people out very quickly. He did okay in the team challenge, but I'm not even sure if he may still be standing in the co…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 19 June 2019

MasterChef USA Season 10 Top 18 Power Rankings

Last week's episode was a very nice starter to the actual competition. It commenced with basic skills all talented homecooks should know and a mystery box that celebrates Gordon Ramsay's 10 seasons (years) in MasterChef! One surprising event last week is when we lost two homecooks instead of the usual one homecook. We lost Deanna (20th place) and Kenny (19th place) last week which wasn't that surprising. However the stakes have been raised especially since Kenny went home just for a bad presentation in his dish despite having amazing flavours. Anyways, we're now left with our top 18 homecooks in season 10 of MasterChef. We are heading into our first big and bold team challenge and eventual pressure test of the tenth installement of MasterC…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 8 June 2019

MasterChef USA Season 10 Top 20 Power Rankings

Wow great! Another wonderful episode! There were a lot of highlights last episode, especially when Charli, Mollie and Micah competed in a 3-way battle for the last apron and the final spot in the top 20! It was also sad to see Mollie and Charli go but this is a competition and there could only be one winner. Let's crack on!

Disclaimer: For the ones who I also ranked in the previous episodes, rankings could change but descriptions could also stay the same as last week.

20) Renee: The first actual competition episodes shouldn't disappoint. There's been standout contestants however I haven't really seen much from Renee, however with all due respect, there has been several people missing-in-action but she may be the first boot out of them. Sorr…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 3 June 2019

MasterChef USA Season 10 Part 1 Audtions Top 20 (Top 22)

Great season premiere! These top 36 homecooks are as more talented as ever! It sucks that their dishes need to impress all three judges in order to earn a spot in the top 20. However, there's the judges battle pass and the three contestants who got the pass but not yet the white apron will battle it out for the final apron next episode. Micah is one of those three since he got the pass. So technically, Micah made it to the top 22.

22) Micah

First of all, Micah's dish didn't impress the judges. Although Gordon sees his potential and gave him his judges battle pass save, I can't really see him earning an apron after a lackluster audition dish. Considering the high standard of these cooks, and especially in next episode. I had a choice to rank …

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 25 March 2019

MasterChef 2019 sesons: who I'm rooting for

MasterChef USA Season 10: Fred, Dorian and Sarah

MasterChef Brazil Season 6: Helton and Ecatherine

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 20 September 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 3 Power Rankings

Last week, we've lost Bowen and Samantha, which genuinely isn't a big surprise. Now we're down to the final 3 on MasterChef Season 9: Ashley, Cesar and Gerron. Which menas that the grand finale turns out to be a Gordon vs Aaron vs Joe grand finale. All these three have great potential to take home the title. However it's now time that I rank the top 3 of the season:

3) Ashley: Ashley has made it to the grand finale which is great and she honestly deserved it! The only problem is that she wasn't really topping the power rankings compared to the other two competetors. However this finale is honestly anyones game so Ashley could still take home the title.

2) Gerron: Gerron improved wonderfully during the competition. Honestly one of the best u…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 13 September 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 5 Power Rankings

Note: I haven't seen the episode before blogging yet so there will be no bias in my rankings.

Last week, we've lost Farhan which isn't that surprising at this point. However during the episode after that, we've lost nobody due to the top 5 cooking heart so well! Anyways, this means that there are still 5 remaining even though I thought there would only be 4 after this. Anyways, since the heart proved well for everybody remaining. The top 5 really deserves to make it this far which means that it would be slightly hard to split the performances and rankings of these 5. Anyways it's now time to rank the final 5 in MasterChef Season 9 USA:

5) Samantha: Samantha worked really slow during the team challenge and then fell apart in baking during the…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 6 September 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 6 Power Rankings

We've lost Shanika and Julia last week. I knew Shanika would've cracked and since Julia's screen time is fading. I wasn't surprised that she went home as well. We're now down to the top 6 contestants this season! The top 5 and the finale is coming around the corner. So now let's rank the top 6:

6) Bowen: Bowen had a difficult time last week. He never ate pasta before which indicated some kind of danger. Yet he wasn't a very good team captain as he kept on cracking under the pressure. One more pressure test could send him home easily. So he's the safest bet to go home now at this point

5) Farhan: It was a long time ever since Farhan was in the bottom. However that dish he put up didn't taste as good. He's beginning to fall under the bottom no…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 30 August 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 8 Power Rankings

We've lost the strongest competetor (Emily) and the weakest competetor (Taylor) so far and it's ironic how Emily went home an episode before Taylor, which means that we're down to our perfect dream team with the complete 8 people left. Now let's rank our top 8 or technically, our middle 8:

8) Bowen: Bowen is no means the strongest in the competition so far. He’s been pretty arrogant towards his teamates and even though him and Cesar made the best meditrenean tag tam platter. Cesar completely CARRIED him and if Bowen did the platter on his own or with another member that couldn’t work well. He’d already been out the door last episode.

7) Samantha: Samantha couldn’t chop asparagus properly. She hasn’t been leading teams so well or taking direc…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 23 August 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 10 Power Rankings

Last week, we lost Chelsea and SJ. Both of them were pretty good, however could've honestly gotten more screen time. It's sad to lose SJ as he had so much potential. Anyways it's the first two episodes coming out one after the other during the same day so we'll probably be losing about two people next. Anyways let's get onto ranking the top 10:

10) Taylor: Taylor has kind of been really cracking under the pressure lately as she's been serving sort of lacklust dishes. She hasn't been proving that she was pretty solid and comfortable in the MasterChef kitchen and at this point you should already be used to the pressure, so kind of a safe bet to go home honestly.

9) Samantha: Samantha may be really good at baking, but not so consistent in other…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 15 August 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 12 Power Rankings

Last week, we've lost Ralph. Someone who got into the top three in the mystery box with a filipino savoury dish which is adobo  but didn't win and after that he fell to the bottom of the competition with a filipino dessert which is brazo de mercedes. It was quite shocking to see him go. Anyways let's now rank the top half of the masterchef competition with 12 homecooks remaining.:

12) SJ: Awww SJ, he couldn't lead a team properly and now is part of the bottom 2 just making a better dish than Ralph. It's sad because we saw him shine and unfortunately he is beggining to decline right now so I have to safetly put him down at this spot.

11) Cesar: Similar to SJ, Cesar has also been declining rapidly and was in the bottom 3 of last episode. I don…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 9 August 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 13 Power Rankings

Mark was someone who I thought was a front runner, however after seeing that last episode I saw a complete different Mark. Unfortunately he threw his edge off and just made 13 homecooks stronger than him overall. Even though a live MasterChef is happening right now, I'm not watching it live and this is before I watch any glimpse of the next episode. So I haven't watched any bit of the next episode yet So no spoilers ahead! :D. So let's get on to ranking the top 13:

13) Gerron: Gerron has really been in the bottom so many times that it hurts. However he's a man that owes up his mistakes. Top 10 is around the corner and if he continues to be like this his spot there is extremely vulnerable. He could be going home anytime from now.

12) Ashley: …

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 1 August 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 14 Power Rankings

Last episode was very unique in it's own way, and gave a lot of pressure to the contestants too. We lost Ryan and even though his comfort food tasted bloody delicious, he didn't have much of an edit this season, so not too huge of a surprise that he left.

14) Gerron: Gerron messed up with the cornmeal last challenge, unfortunately that meant that he was in the bottom again which means that he's constantly just being in the bottom of the competition. If he continues like this then he'll go home at between one to two episodes.

13) Ashley: Ashley can't cut chicken properly, she did let Taylor down and she has been doing quite poorly in team challenges recently. Not a good place to be in.

12) Chelsea: Chelsea has been quite flip-floppy these days…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 19 July 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 15 Power Rankings

So we shockingly lost two people today, however not exactly at the same time. We lost Matt right after the mystery box challenge and then we also lost Lindsay right after the elimination challenge. Not too huge of a shock. 10 people won a challenge today so ranking the remaining contestants would be harder however let's get right on to ranking the top 15 based on last episode and a hint of other episodes as well. Here we go!:

15) Chelsea: She's a sweetheart, someone who has great resillience, however after her crab skills test win when 22 were left. She somewhat started to coast in the middle and seeing you fall to the bottom 3 today. Pretty safe bet to go home next to say the least.

14) Farhan: Aww Farhan, after that impressive start during…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 12 July 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 17 Power Rankings

So after Juni went home which I wasn't expecting too much of really, although he was in my original top 8. However the thing was, it was so obvious he was going to leave the MasterChef kitchen after that horrible leadership performance and even when he was forced to step down from that position. Well some people really did crack under the pressure last challenge. So anyways, let's get on to rank the top 17 based on what we saw last challenge and a bit on their overall performance:

17) Ryan: Ryan was still invisible but we finally saw him mess up so it would be sensible to say that this may be his time to go once next episode starts to air.

16) Ashley: Ashley's edit has been dwindling and dwindling and dwindling ever since her first mystery b…

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 28 June 2018

MasterChef Season 9 Top 18 Power Rankings

So this is my first blog post about MasterChef Season 9 and there were seven episodes that have came out prior before I started ranking this so sorry for the delay:

So far there's been six eliminated contestants so far: Sid, Sal, Olusola, Stephanie, Darrick and Alecia.

I've seen great things from some people, last episode: Cesar and Matt had really shone and although Bowen and Samantha also showed some great hints on their cooking ability as they made it to the top 3 of the mystery box challenge although they didn't win. Samantha ended up in the bottom 4 and Bowen ended up in the bottom 2 in the elimination challenge right after that. So let's start to rank the top 18:

18) Gerron: I'm sorry Gerron however you really were in the bottom during …

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Jncrushcandies Jncrushcandies 25 April 2018

MasterChef who I'm rooting for

Junior USA season 6: Avery

Thailand Season 2: First (Duh, First should come in First) (Jah's gone 4th place)

Brasil Season 5: Rita

Canada Season 5: Michael G

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BlueArcher21 BlueArcher21 18 September 2017

Who will become the MasterChef Season 8 Winner?

Last week, we were forced to say goodbye to Cate, Jeff, and Yachecia. The only three contestants remaining are Dino, Eboni, and Jason. Before the winner is revealed this Wednesday, who do you think will become the lucky winner? Comment your predictions below!

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Christijoy13 Christijoy13 25 February 2013

Christine Ha's Cookbook to be Released

Christine Ha, MasterChef Season 3 winner, has announced on her Facebook Page that her cookbook has a tentative publish date of May 14, 2013! For all of her followers, check back around that time for updates! You can also follow her on her FB Page.

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Christijoy13 Christijoy13 24 February 2013

Season 4 Auditions!

MasterChef has been renewed for a 4th season and they are looking for new contestants. There are 2 options for auditioning:

1) Open call in the following locations -

    • San Diego
    • Nashville
    • Minneapolis
    • Miami
    • Chicago
    • Dallas
    • Cleveland
    • Los Angeles
    • Boston
    • Portland
    • New York City

Find the dates for each city here


2) Video Audition

Find the full instructions for auditions here

Good Luck!

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Christijoy13 Christijoy13 24 February 2013

Welcome to the MasterChef Wiki!

Season 4 of MasterChef is just around the corner! Now that the MasterChef Wiki is finally coming together, feel free to contribute MasterChef recipes, videos, photos and content. The more the merrier! Feel free to contact me if you need any help with anything or would like to talk about changes to the main page, themes, etc.


Christijoy13 (talk) 11:23, February 24, 2013 (UTC) 

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