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Christine Ha Master Chef
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Season 3
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Christine Ha is the first ever blind contestant and season 3 winner of MasterChef Season 3, she defeated over 30,000 home cooks across America to secure the coveted MasterChef title, a $250,000 cash prize, and a cookbook deal. In the finale, she was against the title of MasterChef to Joshua Mark. She was also a guest judge in an episode in Season 4. 

Christine also has a Master of Fine Arts from University of Houston’s nationally acclaimed Creative Writing Program. During her time there, she served as Fiction Editor for Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts. She is currently working on a memoir. Christine lives in Houston, Texas, and plans to open establishments both locally and elsewhere.

Since winning, she has made a guest appearance on the inaugural season of “MasterChef” Vietnam and travels around the globe to give inspiring keynote addresses and cooking demonstrations. Her latest foray into television is a Canadian cooking show called “Four Senses” (Varner Productions), on which she is a co-host with Carl Heinrich, season 2 winner of “Top Chef” Canada. “Four Senses” season 1 began airing on January 24, 2014–catch it on AMI at 7 and 11 PM ET/PT. 🌺🌸

In 2015, Christine announced that she became the judge for season 3 of Master Chef Vietnam that is under production as of 29 August 2015, whereby local celebrities will compete alongside amateur cooks. [1][2]

Judge's CommentsEdit

“The lady has an extraordinary palate, a palate of incredible finesse. She picks up hot ingredients, touches them, and she thinks about this image on the plate. She has the most disciplined execution on a plate that we’ve ever seen. But the palate is where it’s just extraordinary. And honestly, I know chefs with Michelin stars that don’t have palates like hers.” –Chef Gordon Ramsay, MasterChef judge

“Midway through of this year's competition, my money would not have been on Christine for the win – and not just because of her disability – because she just didn't come across as the typical frontrunner. With Christine, slow and steady won the race. She subtly climbed her way to the top by performing consistently well, triumphing over her own self-doubt, all the while maintaining her signature grace and integrity. It was thrilling to watch. And I can say with absolute confidence there was no one more deserving. –Joe Bastianich, restaurateur and MasterChef judge

Christine's Cookbook

Christine’s first cookbook, Recipes From My Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food from the Winner of MasterChef Season 3 on FOX (Rodale, 2013), became a New York Times best seller. 

  1. MasterChef Vietnam season 3 opens for celebrities
  2. Christine Ha is one the official jury of "MasterChef Vietnam" -season 3


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