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I'm trying my damnedest. All I do is get hammered.

Joshua "Cutter" Brewer was a contestant on Season 5 of MasterChef. He ranked in 4th place.


Cutter was overly shameless, annoying, defensive, rude, stubborn, and delusional. He was shown to have great determination and grit, but this was overshadowed by his constant obnoxious and loudmouthed behavior. He was also extremely egotistical, as his attitude worsened by turning whatever confidence he had into self-righteous arrogance and downright ignorance, while delivering one of the worst streaks of bad performances in the show's history. His mistakes included not wanting to be corrected upfront, continuously interrupting others who were trying to give him advice, arguing with judges (specifically Joe), giving excuses and always blaming everybody else for his mistakes. He can also be considered to be useless during team challenges, as he mostly done nothing but argue a lot with his teammates for minor reasons, became toxicity to the judges and to every team that he worked, and was often the cause for yelling-matches with the other cooks. In the kitchen, despite a few flashes of brilliance, his performances were always mixed, as he quickly established himself as a consistently poor performer, placing himself in the bottom several times. However, after nearly surviving elimination a handful of times, he slowly improved his cooking skills, and slightly toned down his arrogance and began to listen sometimes which allowed him to put out some good dishes later on in the competition. Because of this, he made it to the semifinals due to the other cooks having worse dishes that him. However, his arrogance and lack of passion as well as his poor performances caught up to him in his final Pressure Test that led to his elimination. As a result from his behavior, he generally got along with nobody, specifically having a random dislike toward Courtney, short-lived feuds with Daniel and Dan, and had an explosive running feud with Leslie over each other's egos while simultaneously trying to find out who was the better cook, but was tolerated by Francis L. He is unarguably one of the worst semi-finalists in the history of the show due to his arrogance, low-work ethic, and overall sub-par cooking abilities.

Season 5

Episode 1

Gordon Ramsay explained to all contestants they will be tested by their cooking skills to receive a Masterchef apron and that not everyone will make it through round 1. Cutter survived the first round, as a result, receiving a Masterchef apron.

Episode 2

The contestants were asked to make a dessert out of the ingredients in the mystery box. However, Cutter was tied with Astrid for the worst two mystery box desserts and was threatened on the spot elimination with Astrid. Astrid was eliminated and Cutter was saved from elimination. Meanwhile, Courtney and Big Willie was tied for the best two desserts and Courtney became the challenge winner. Cutter was saved from the pressure test by Courtney, along with Leslie, Jaimee, Gordon, Elise, ,Francis Biondi, Kira, Ahran, Elizabeth, and Christian.

Episode 3

Episode 4

The contestants were required to cook using a collection of live seafood. Ahran's got the top dish and she gets to choose the next theme of the challenge, which was based around sweet treats; she chose donuts. The others had to cook twelve donuts and present them in a box. Unfortunaly, the judges considered Cutter's donuts to not have any filling in his donuts, sending him to the bottom 3 with Courtney and Kira. Cutter and Courtney was sent to safety, and Kira is eliminated.

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

The contestants were paired up in two by Courtney as the winner of the previous challenge, and Cutter was paired up with Dan to cook a surf n' turf meal. Inside the pantry, Cutter states that using two different types of lean proteins won't mix together, but Dan refuses to listen to his ideas. As a result, when the time was up for pantry ingredients, both Cutter and Dan failed to get enough ingredients to cook their surf n' turf meal, forcing them to cook an incomplete and underwhelming surf n' turf meal. By the time the pair's meal was called for tasting, Cutter ranted about Dan's stubbornness and attitude while getting the ingredients. It was also disaster as Gordon Ramsay remarked it as one of the worst dishes in the competition so far. At the end, Joe brought a trash bin and asked the pair to throw the meal in which cutter did it without regret. The pair obviously faced the dreaded pressure test with Christian and Francis B and was asked to make some spring rolls. Cutter tied in bottom two with Francis B. Cutter was saved from elimination by some margin and Francis B was sent home by the greasiness of his spring rolls.

Episode 8

The contestants head to Dinah's Family Restaurant in Los Angeles, and were divided into red team with 6 girls and Christian and blue team with 6 boys and Victoria. However, the blue team lost and was asked to face the pressure test. Victoria, Daniel and Francis L were chosen by Big Willie, the team leader to be saved from elimination.Cutter, Leslie, Dan Wu and Big Willie faced the pressure test. The four of them are asked to make a red velvet cake. Leslie and Big Willies cakes came out good, meanwhile, Cutter's cake was described as overly sweet and Dan's cake was described as overly dry. However, cutter arrogantly argued with the judges specifically about how he thought Joe's palate is biased on the sweetness of the cake and complained about Leslie being his teammate. He also ranted about how baking sucks for him and that he's on the edge of going home. When asked why he is defensive, he said he put his heart and passion in preparing his food. By the time of the decision, Gordon Ramsay remarked Cutter have a boisterous and somewhat disrespectful approach. Cutter was once again tied bottom two and this time, it was with Dan. However, Dan was eliminated from the competition because Cutters cake tasted better than his.

Episode 9

The contestants are asked to make a salmon dish from the giant mystery box and Christian was declared winner of the challenge. Christian assigned the remaining contestants a wine basket and were asked to make a dish using 4 bottles of wine and some other ingredients. Cutter made an artisan pizza using the ingredients. However, Cutters dish received negative comments from the judges and resulted in Joe throwing his dish in the pin. This leads him to the bottom two tied with Elise. However, as Cutter made a decent dish, he was safe from elimination and Elise went home.

Episode 10

The contestants are divided into red and blue teams of 6 people each and Cutter was picked to be on the red team. The contestants are then asked to make romantic dishes and desserts to the guest couples in the masterchef kitchen. However, blue team won by the majority of the votes and the red team faced the pressure test by making chocolate truffles as a valentine dessert. The judges initially thought Cutter would perform badly but he proved them wrong by his box of chocolate truffles which actually came out to be awesome to the point Gordon Ramsay asked the other contestants to taste his chocolate box of success. Thus, he was saved from elimination early.

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

The final 6 contestants are divided into two teams of 3 and are asked to make dishes in a 5-star restaurant Sunset Marquis. However during the challenge, Leslie and Cutter were constantly fighting over the types of dish they were making and were made to put a stop by chef Gordon Ramsay. Cutter constantly ranted about how egotistical Leslie was as a team captain and how he is abusing his authority, while Leslie complained about Cutter being stubborn and not listening to his demands as a team captains. Lucky for them, their team won the challenge and Cutter, Leslie and Elizabeth was safe from elimination.

Episode 16

Episode 17

Cutter and Leslie were paired together as a team to compete with Elizabeth and Courtney by using homestate boxes filled with specific ingredients of each four competitors' homestates. The pairs were asked to chose one of the two ingredient boxes from their homestates. Cutter and Leslie agreed to chose the Texan ingredients box which is Cutter's homestate box, and made two dishes from it. The pair lost to Elizabeth and Courtney by some margin and were asked to cook three meals from the unchosen Californian ingredients box. Cutter is usually saved borderline from elimination in the last episodes, but this time the judges decided to save Leslie from elimination because he nailed his tuna dish while Cutters is slightly undercooked. Cutter finally left the Masterchef kitchen.

Episode 19

Competition History

Week 2 Low/Immune
Week 3 Win
Week 4 In/Low
Week 5 Win
Week 6 In/In
Week 7 Low/Low
Week 8 Low
Week 9 In/Low
Week 10 Pressure Test
Week 11 In/In
Week 12 Win
Week 13 Low/Pressure Test
Week 14 In/In
Week 15 Win
Week 16 In/High
Week 17 Eliminated

Post MasterChef

  • After his appearance, he returned to his previous career and returned to college where he gained an MBA in Business Administration. He opened Ace’s Ice & Chop House in 2015, reviews were mixed before its closure in September 2017. He currently offers private chef services and posts food recipe dishes on Instagram.


  • He got his cooking experience in the navy and is reported to have boiled crawfish, smoked ribs and grilled up steaks for his fellow sailors.
  • He first auditioned for the competition when a friend saw the results of his cooking in a series of Facebook photos and suggested him to try out.
  • He describes his cooking style as southern comfort and a reminiscent of his Southeast Texas roots.
  • He grew up barbecuing and cooking gumbo with his family.
  • He spent 3 years in Japan, and learnt to cook a couple of Asian cuisines.
  • He have a decent creole accent.
  • He and Leslie had one of the greatest feuds in the show's history.
  • He is the third contestant to have a military background before coming to MasterChef, following Josh (Season 3) and Howard (Season 4).
  • He holds the record for having the most bottom entries of the season, that being eight.
  • He holds the record for the most consecutive bottom entries in the show's history, with five.
  • He is the second contestant(s) to be threatened with on-the-spot elimination, following Christian (Season 2) and Leslie (from the same season).
  • He is the first contestant to put a MasterChef logo on his food.
  • He is also the first contestant to add an American flag decoration on his food.
  • He is the highest ranked contestant in MasterChef history to not have a single individual win during their time in the kitchen, at 4th place.
    • By extension, he is the highest ranked contestant of his season to not have an individual win at all.


  • (To Ramsay) "I ain't gonna lie chef, it's the first time I ever tried something like this, man I thought I did damn good on it."
  • (After Elizabeth chose him to make Panna Cotta) "Death by dessert."
  • (About Leslie) "I just love how he doesn't even see his own mistakes and why everybody doesn't like him, he's a one-trick pony."
  • "I think just everybody has a different palate."
  • (To Joe) "Look, I'm on the edge of going home. I'll be honest. I'm on the edge of going home. Baking sucks for me!"
  • Gordon Ramsay: "Do you have a hairy back?" Cutter: "Yeah, I do actually."
  • "I do get defensive, because I do feel like I put my passion and my heart into everything I put in."
  • "That's not what I said at all. Don't put words in my mouth."
  • "I'm trying my damnedest. All I do is get hammered."
  • "These hands make steak, and ribs, and drink beer, you know; I mean, they don't make truffles
  • "In my opinion, for what you're looking for in a true MasterChef, I think you should send Leslie home".
  • (To Graham) "Is that a good wow or a bad wow?"
  • "I impressed Joe. How cool is that? Finally, the old Texas boy impresses the Yankee."
  • (About Leslie) "I think Leslie is so egotistical. (Impersonating Leslie) 'NAW! NAW! GET OUT OF THE WAY! CUTTER, YOU'RE JUST ALL IN THE WAY!' He's an ex-beautician house bitch that works for his wife, so I think he's trying to like prove his manhood or something."
  • (To Leslie) "Ha! I'm not your kid, okay. First of all, you need to chill out and be a team leader, and quit doing everything. We're a team! Okay? We're a team!"
  • (About Leslie) "Every team Leslie's been on, he's had an issue with somebody. He's a loser and he's a sad excuse of a man, so I just got to play his game and just get through it."
  • (About Leslie) "I hate the fact that Leslie's my teammate. Hopefully he can take his head out of his ass for two minutes so we can win this."
  • (About his dish) "These big ol' bear paws did a lot of finesse today."
  • (About Leslie) "Damn, I appreciated Leslie, that was good competition, that's all I wanted."
  • (After being eliminated) "I've represented my family, my friends, and my state very well, and I can walk out with my head held high. I came into MasterChef as a small fish in a big pond, and I grew. I got to just work with the three best guys in the industry. The love and teaching that Chef Ramsay gave to me, he never quit believing in me. You learn from the past, you live for today, and you dream about tomorrow, and here on MasterChef, I live the dream."


Season 5

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