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Dale Kuda was a contestant on Season 1 of MasterChef Canada. He ranked in 10th place.


Dale was gay and proud, mentioning how he wanted to be the next "Gay Martha Stewart" of Canada. He showed potential, but he was extremely arrogant (especially after openly stating that the other cooks didn't intimidate him at all during his audition), shown to be narcissistic, and often had a bullying nature toward some of the other cooks. Of note, he was also not a team player, as he treated his teammates horribly when it came to his first team challenge as a captain, bickering with them in a childish manner for the smallest reasons, which he personally relished. His egotistical behavior was his ultimate downfall, since he thought that he was the best and never owned up to his mistakes, even going as far as arguing with Chef Michael. This lead to him being one of the most hated contestants in the history of the show.

Season 1

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Competition History

Week 3 In/Win
Week 4 No Pressure Test
Week 5 High/In
Week 6 Low
Week 7 In/Low
Week 8 Eliminated

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