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Dara Yu was a contestant on Season 1 of MasterChef Junior and Season 12 of MasterChef. On Junior Season 1, she ranked as the Runner Up; and on MasterChef Season 12, she ranked as the Official Winner, and was awarded the MasterChef trophy and a salary of $250,000.



Season 1[]

Episode 1[]

Episode 2[]

Episode 3[]

Episode 4[]

Episode 5[]

Episode 6[]

Episode 7[]

Competition History[]

Week 2 In/In
Week 3 Immune/Win
Week 4 In/Win
Week 5 Win
Week 6 In/In
Week 7 Runner Up

MasterChef Season 12[]

Episode 2[]

Competition History[]

Week 4 In
Week 5 Low
Week 6 Win
Week 7 In
Week 8 In
Week 9 Win
Week 10 Immune
Week 11 High
Week 12 Low
Week 13 High
Week 14 In
Week 15 In
Week 16 Low
Week 17 Win
Week 18 Win/Win
Week 19 Winner

Post MasterChef[]

  • On July 1, 2024, Dara came out as queer.[1]


Junior Season 1[]

  • She was the first Asian-American contestant on MasterChef Junior.
  • She was the first Runner-Up, as well as the first female Runner-Up on MasterChef Junior.
  • She participated in the first ever different gender finals of MasterChef Junior.

Season 12[]

  • She is the third contestant who received more bottom entries during their second run on the show, following Stephen (originally from Season 6) and Cate (originally from Season 8).
  • She is the first contestant to be in the finale more than once.
  • At 20:
    • She is the youngest female contestant of the season.
    • She is the youngest finalist of MasterChef U.S.
    • She is the youngest winner of the show, surpassing Whitney (Season 1).
      • She is also currently the youngest winner by birthdate.
  • She is the second Asian-American contestant to win the show, following Christine from Season 3.
  • She is the first LGBT winner of MasterChef U.S..


Season 1[]

MasterChef Season 12[]

  • "Last time I was in this kitchen, I was 12 years old, and now I'm 20 years old. It's really exciting."
  • "People might remember me as Dara the Bow Girl, but I've ditched the bow now and gained a culinary degree. I'm back to show that I'm meant to be a force in this industry. It's a lot of pressure, but I have to take my deep breaths and just keep in my zone and I wanna be the first MasterChef Junior contestant to come back on and win."
  • (After receiving her apron) "This apron means everything to me. I doubt myself a lot and having a MasterChef apron proves that I'm meant to do this and I think the judges see that."
  • "Since my elimination, that dish has haunted me, specifically the prawns. I'm 20 years old now and definitely have made sure to improve on my techniques in that dish, but a prawn still scares me."
  • "Being in the MasterChef Kitchen with these adults is completely different than the juniors competition and this is all harder than I expected."
  • (Before the Southern Fusion challenge) "I should've paid attention in Geography better."
  • (About the Vietnamese Cuisine Challenge) "You never know what the judges are gonna say about everyone's dishes. I am a little worried about some of my other competitors because I don't know if they've ever used some of these ingredients before. It's not the time to play it safe and go down a traditional route of making pho or bánh mì's. I wanna stand out in this crowd."
  • (During the Baked Alaska challenge) Joe: "So you don't think anything can go wrong at this point." Dara: "Something can always go wrong, Joe."
  • (After winning MasterChef) "I am overwhelmed...and speechless. This has been the most incredible journey of my life and all my hard work and determination paid off. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by my loved ones. My father isn't here, but I know he's been looking over me this whole competition and I know I made him proud tonight. (The unknown winners photo transforms into an image of Dara holding the trophy) That photo looks pretty good up there."
  • "I was 12 years old the last time I was on this show and now I'm the Season 12 MasterChef winner. I came back to win and that's exactly what I did. WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"


Season 1[]

MasterChef Season 12[]

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