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David Williams was a contestant on Season 7 of MasterChef. He was the co-runner-up of that season.


David was one of the strongest and most talented, consistent and creative cooks of the season coming from a high-end and fine-dining lifestyle. He was always focused in individual challenges, a strong team player, and very passionate, even going as far as to enter the competition for his daughter. However, his attitude was relatively poor, as he stood out to be perpetually aggressive, hostile and explosive. He was known to be very cocky and trash-talked cooks who he disliked or deemed as weak or out of disrespect. He also had a very short and violent temper, was prone to frequent temper tantrums when things didn't go his way, could irate over small reasons (such as throwing a champagne bottle forcefully to the ground after he couldn't open it), and could start pouting and acting like a child on certain occasions. However, he is most (infamously) well known for attempting to quit the competition entirely when he was at the Top 5 after he felt that everybody was against him, which led to everybody losing whatever little respect that they had for him. His aggressiveness and hot-heated behavior sent tremors to the rest of the home cooks as he was strongly disliked by Brandi, Tanorria, Katie and Dan. He made an early friendship with Shaun, before he and the rest of the home cooks turned against him due to his aforementioned behavior. He is debatably one of the worst finalists and runners-up in the show's history due to his horrendous, volatile personality and quitter attitude.

Season 7

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Competition History

Week 3 In/In
Week 4 Win
Week 5 In/Immune
Week 6 In/Immune
Week 7 Pressure Test
Week 8 In/In
Week 9 Win
Week 10 Win
Week 11 In/Low
Week 12 High/Win
Week 13 In/Immune
Week 14 High/Win
Week 15 Win
Week 16 In/Low
Week 17 Pressure Test
Week 18 Co-Runner Up

Post MasterChef

  • After his appearance, David returned to his previous career as a professional poker player.[1][2][3]


  • He is the first and only contestant so far who tried to quit the show.
  • He is the second finalist named "David" who made it to the finale.


  • (To his team) "I feel like I should be saved as a captain, and that should be worth something. I would've loved to cook meat, but I stepped up to be the captain. I didn't get to have a station to cook meat, I didn't get to have a station to cook zucchini, I didn't get a station, 'cuz I was all stations."
  • (To Shaun) "You don't make a lot of sense brother, I'm just saying you don't make sense. You're an idiot, fucking idiot."
  • (About Dan) "Nah. I mean, this idiots doesn't even give me the fucking protein
  • (After attempting to quit) "It's too late now."
  • (After being named Co-Runner Up) "Shaun was a great chef from day one, and he executed and performed in the finale, and he deserved to win. I gave it everything I had, it just wasn't good enough to win. I'm happy for my biggest brother."


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