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Dino Angelo Luciano, or simply Dino Luciano, was a contestant on Season 8 of MasterChef. He was the winner of that season and was awarded with the MasterChef trophy and the salary of $250,000.


Dino is widely recognized as one of the most memorable contestants in the show’s history. He came into the competition with a quirky and flamboyant personality with a lot of heart and passion. He was always encouraging and supportive of his competitors and was appreciated by many of the fans. Similar to Luca, he was viewed as a definite dark horse that no one expected him to come such a long way. Although that he was underestimated in the beginning, he became a frontrunner by being one of the most consistent cooks. His style of cooking was considered as unique, as if each of his dishes were constantly telling his story. Dino also had the tendency to be frantic, especially in team challenges. However, in individual challenges, he always kept his cool, was always focused and super determined to do the best he could. He developed strong friendships with Jason, Daniel, Adam, Eboni and Cate. But he had a long term rivalry with Jeff and had a short-term running feud with Yachecia.

Season 8

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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Competition History

Week 3 In/Immune
Week 4 Pressure Test
Week 5 In/Low/In
Week 6 In/Immune
Week 7 No Pressure Test
Week 8 In/Immune
Week 9 Pressure Test
Week 10 In/Win
Week 11 Win
Week 12 In/Immune
Week 13 In/Immune
Week 14 In/Win
Week 15 Pressure Test
Week 16 Win/Immune
Week 17 Win
Week 18 In/In
Week 19 In/In/Win
Week 20 Winner

Season 10

Episode 4

Dino made a cameo appearance at MasterChef's pool party with past contestants who were invited by the judges.

Episode 24/25

Dino made an appearance at the Season 10 finale, along with the other MasterChef winners, to support the finalists.

Post MasterChef

  • Following his appearance, Dino has hosted a number of exclusive dinners and pop up dining experiences as The Gourmet Rabbit and he was Executive Chef at Muse and Market in Phoenix over the summer of 2018.[1] Shortly after guest starring in the Season 10 finale, he has recently relocated to Montreal, and opened up a new, French-Canadian restaurant in Montréal, Québec called "Le Mariachi" featuring his Italian, SoCal roots.[2]


  • He is one of the Italian contestants of the show
  • He is born with Sicilian, Hispanic, African, Pacific Islander, Israeli, & Irish ancestry.[3]
  • He is the first Vegan to win MasterChef.


  • "Being a ballet dancer, food is important. You gotta eat right, eat healthy. You know, the better I eat, the better I look in my tights, the better my cannoli looks."
  • (To Ramsay) "I know you go to the gym, when we first all saw you, we were like 'Damn Chef Ramsay's been working out'."
  • (After his reaction to the cannolis) "I didn't have a pacifier growing up as a baby; I had a cannoli."
  • (About Jeff struggling with making cannolis) "I remember my first cannoli."
  • "I'm working on that pesto. I need you to taste this so you can tell me it's the besto."
  • (To Jeff) "Hey, were we allowed to make sushi?"
  • (To Jeff) "I'll make a spaghetti and meatball for your lady tonight.
  • (After making it to the Finale) "Everything I've ever worked for, it's paid off, everything I've been through has paid off. To be a part of the Finale, that is not only my dream come true, but my mother's dream. She had me at 19, she gave up her entire life for me and now her baby boy made it to the Finale."
  • (After winning MasterChef) "OH MY GOD! I am the next MasterChef! MOMMY I DID IT! MOTHER, I DID MA!!!!!! This is the biggest moment of my life, my whole life was built for this right here at this point. I'm very proud of everything I accomplished tonight and I know my mother's proud of me, that's all that really matters to me. This right here was my ticket to the beginning of my life. The last 28 years I've been trying to figure out who I am., and now I'm finally wake and I'm finally getting to go out there and be that positive life that I was born to be."


Season 8

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