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Fred Chang was a contestant on Season 10 of MasterChef. He ranked in 10th place.


Fred came into the competition as a skilled baker and plater when Gordon Ramsay licked his dessert dish clean in his audition. While he had his high points during the competition, including winning the King Crab immunity challenge with guest judge Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, he was inconsistent during elimination challenges, either landing himself on the bottom or top in the three he competed in. He got along with everyone, but had a close friendship with Bri.

Season 10

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Competition History

Week 3 Win/Immune
Week 4 Win/Immune/Immune
Week 5 Low/Low
Week 6 Win/Immune
Week 7 Win/Immune
Week 8 Win/Immune
Week 9 High/High
Week 10 Lose/Eliminated

Post MasterChef

  • After his appearance, Gordon told Fred that he would contact Christina Tosi and ask if there is a spot for Fred at her bakery. Fred (who is from Redondo Beach) would later go on work in her bakery in Los Angeles, which opened in the fall of 2018 when he auditioned. He also writes regularly at Freddy's Harajuku, where he posts food recipes.


  • He is the fourth Taiwanese-American to compete on the show, following Jason Wang from season 8, Lynn Chyi from season 4, and Felix Fang from season 3.
  • He was arguably one of the strongest dessert bakers in the competition.
  • He was the first contestant to get their audition dish licked clean by Gordon, as well as the first contestant to receive a white apron without formally receiving any yes's from the judges.
  • Tied with Bri and Nick for the most team challenge wins in his season.
    • Of the three of them, he was the only one who was never a team captain.
    • Fred and Bri were always on the same team for the 4 team challenges they competed in.
  • Holds the record for most wins out of any 10th place contestant, with 5.
    • Is tied with Emily (season 9) for most individual wins out of any 10th place contestant with 2.
  • First contestant to never finish a challenge in the middle, either winning, being immune, being in the top group, or being on the bottom of every challenge he competed in.


  • (During the bread mystery box critiques) "I'm watching these other home cooks go up and I am so glad to be up on the balcony right now. This level of competition, its through the roof. Everything is definitely judged on quality. These guys are stepping up their game this season. I'm definitely worried; this is my competition."
  • (About the cake replication challenge) "This is literally like everything I could ever dream of right now. Give me the diabetes.
  • "The judges keep calling me 'dessert king' but I haven't earned my crown yet, so this is a chance for me to prove that I am as good of a baker that I'm proclaiming myself to be."
  • "My ultimate dream is to go and open my own bakery with my parents, so I have to just keep pushing until I get to that goal."
  • "I think that I might not deserve the dessert king crown, but I might deserve the dessert prince crown."
  • (After being eliminated) "My food dream coming into MasterChef was to open my own bakery with my parents. Just because I got cut now, it doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop with my food dream. I'm gonna go and continue to bake my heart out, I'm gonna continue to tell stories through my desserts. I've had my moments of self-doubt, I've had my moments where my confidence was low, but I've had such incredible highs too. I won 5 immunity challenges, have a free seat of any Morimoto restaurant of my choosing, Candace Nelson loved my macarons; I'm happy for getting this far. I don't need anything more from this competition, I've already won in my own way."


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