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In MasterChef, the judges have been at the forefront of the competition, dictating what happens in the competition.


The role of the Judges is to taste the dishes put forward by contestants in the competition and deem if they're good or bad. The roles have somewhat changed depending on the challenges because in some challenges, the judges have cooked alongside the contestants in the competition.


In the History of the US version of the show, the judges have changed since the competition first began in 2010. The initial line-up of judges consisted of Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich and this line-up lasted until season 5 of the show when Bastianich left to focus time on his businesses, at this point Joe was replaced by Christina Tosi who remained as a Judge for Series 6 through to Season 8 although she would later make an appearance in Season 9. After series 6 however, Graham departed as a judge and instead of finding a new judge for series 7, both Gordon and Christina welcomed a series of guest judges throughout that series and among those was Aarón Sánchez who would become a permanent judge as of season 8. Joe later returned in Season 6 of MasterChef Junior and also made an appearance in the Season 8 finale. Joe later returned as a permanent Judge in Series 9 and as of Season 11, the lineup includes Ramsay, Sanchez and Bastianich.

Series 1-5: Gordon, Graham and Joe

Series 6: Gordon, Graham and Christina

Series 7: Gordon, Christiana and Guest Judge

Series 8: Gordon, Aaron and Christina

Series 9-11: Gordon, Joe and Aaron


  • Some of the judges have also appeared on other versions of MasterChef across the globe. Most notably, Bastianich for a time was a judge for Masterchef Italia
  1. Graham and Joe appeared at separate times as guest judges for MasterChef Canada, Joe in Season 1 (CAN) and Elliot in Season 2 (CAN)
  2. Gordon has appeared twice on MasterChef Australia although is yet to make a guest appearance on MasterChef Canada