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I love being underestimated. because, people don't know what I'm gonna bring to them. Like, they'll wake up eventually.

Kathleen "Kathy" Prieto was a contestant on Season 4 of MasterChef. She ranked in 16th place.


Kathy was a combative and strong fighter in the kitchen, although the judges and most of the other contestants viewed her as a weak link. She didn't care about being viewed as the weakest cook, since she relished that she was always being underestimated, which made her continue to become stronger as a cook. However, she wasn't the best at dealing with pressure and would often get disorganized very quick, which led to her elimination. Although she was eliminated early in the competition, she managed to prove all of the judges wrong with her competitive fighting spirit, which led to Joe giving her the opportunity to train at his restaurant. She had a few clashes with Natasha and made a reliable friendship with Krissi.

Season 4[]

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Episode 2[]

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Episode 4[]

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Competition History[]

Week 4 In/In
Week 5 Pressure Test
Week 6 In/Low
Week 7 Low
Week 8 Eliminated

Post MasterChef[]

  • After her appearance, Kathy did two days of training at Gordon's London restaurant before she was asked not to return. She later opened catering company Fire's Flaming Kitchen before opening Raad Kitchen offering catering and drinks services.


  • She is the first contestant to be eliminated in Las Vegas, the second being Ailsa (season 6) and the third being Newton from (season 8).
  • She was the first contestant to not make Top 10 to be given a job offer by any of the judges.


  • (To Natasha) "Watch out for the underdog, you underestimated the wrong person. It's all good though. Next time I'll be up there and your ass will be down here."
  • "I love being underestimated. because, people don't know what I'm gonna bring to them. Like, they'll wake up eventually."
  • (After being eliminated) "I'm a fighter and I'll get back on my feet. The Kathy that came in here was tough, didn't care what got in her way and now the Kathy leaving here, she's grown; being on MasterChef has given me the confidence that I'll get my dream. I'm proud of myself, and I know when my kids will see this cause they'll be proud of me too."


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