Season 6, Episode 1
Aired On May 20, 2015
Eliminated N/A
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"Winner Chosen"
"The Battle Continues"


  • Auditions Round 1: The Top 20 contestants were given a surprise once they arrived at the MasterChef kitchen that they would be facing another 20 contestants in head-to-head battles to decide who would be receiving a white apron. Contestants with similar signature dishes were put together against each other to decide which was the best home cook among them. The first battle was between Claudia and Andrew in shrimp, and Claudia emerged as the winner and received the first MasterChef white apron. The next battle was between Stephen and Tommy in pork tenderloin. Tommy initially had difficulties during the cooking as his pork tenderloin was still raw after taking it out from the oven, but he quickly bounced back and won the battle and received a white apron due to Stephen serving raw vegetables. The next battle was between four contestants - Amanda, Derrick, Nate and Moniza in lamb. Moniza's lamb was raw. Derrick was the first to receive a white apron, and then after some consideration from the judges, Amanda was the next to receive a white apron. In the following battles, Ailsa, Dan, Kerry, Mateo, Veronica and Nick all received a white apron. The final battle in this episode was between Katrina and Taylor, hometown rivals, in salmon. After some long consideration from Gordon, Katrina was the winner and received the final white apron of the episode.