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Luca Manfè being crowned as America's MasterChef champion in the Season 4 finale.

The MasterChef is the eponymous title that is given to the winner of the competitive cooking reality television show MasterChef. The title is awarded to a contestant who has obtained a coveted white apron from the judges in the auditions, survived the competition's many grueling challenges until the number of contestants are whittled down down to three finalists (formerly two finalists in the first six seasons), become a finalist, (having made it all the way to the finale) and successfully winning the final challenge of flawlessly perfecting a three-course meal cook-off against each other in the grand finale showdown.

Upon winning, the champion is crowned when the finalists switch places and receives the following prizes from the judges: a check for $250,000 in cash prize money, a MasterChef trophy, the right to publish one's cookbook (all seasons except Season 2), and the prestigious title of MasterChef. In recent years, some seasons involved additional prizes, such as sailing on the next MasterChef cruise in the Season 8 three way finale, and receiving professional training at the judges' restaurants in Season 10.

List of U.S. MasterChefs

Name Image Season Hometown Age Occupation Finalist(s)
Whitney Miller
1 Poplarville, Mississippi 22 College Student David Miller
Jennifer Behm
Jennifer Behm Master Chef.jpg
2 Wilmington, Delaware 34 Realtor Adrien Nieto
Christine Hà
Christine Ha Master Chef.jpeg
3 Houston, Texas 32 MFA Student Joshua "Josh" Marks
Luca Manfè
Luca Manfe.jpg
4 Astoria, New York 31 Restaurant Manager Natasha Crnjac
Courtney Lapresi
Courtney MasterChef.jpg
5 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 25 Aerial Dancer Elizabeth Cauvel
Claudia Sandoval
Claudia Sandoval.jpg
6 La Mesa, California 31 Events Manager Derrick Peltz
Shaun O'Neale
Shaun O'Neale Masterchef.jpg
7 Las Vegas, Nevada 33 DJ Brandi Mudd
David Williams
Dino Angelo Luciano
MC8 Dino.jpg
8 Bensonhurst, New York 28 Dancer Eboni Henry
Jason Wang
Gerron Hurt
MC9 Gerron.jpg
9 Louisville, Kentucky 25 English Teacher Ashley Mincey
Cesar Cano
Dorian Hunter
Dorian Hunter.jpg
10 Cartersville, Georgia 45 Creeler Sarah Faherty
Nick DiGiovanni