Season 7, Episode 5
Aired On June 29, 2016
Eliminated Brittany Craig
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"A MasterChef Wedding"
"Gordon Ramsay Masterclass"


Mystery Box Challenge 2Edit

When the MasterChef contestants arrive in the kitchen, they are told that two famous chefs will be joining them tonight: Aarón Sanchez, from El Paso, Texas, and MasterChef's winner for season six, Claudia Sandoval. The main ingredient in the mystery box is seafood. The top three seafood dishes belonged to Alejandro, Tanorria, and Andrea, again. Alejandro created arepas three ways. The judges loved the dish, both with Tanorria's roasted shrimp and Andrea's "spot prawn al ajillo." The judges decide to grant Tanorria the winner of the Mystery Box Challenge.

Elimination Test 2Edit

In the pantry, Tanorria has a choice for the other contestants to bake a pie, pudding, or puffs. Tanorria also gets two other advantages; she does not have to bake and gets to choose three contestants she would like to save from elimination in the Elimination Test. When the pies are finished baking and time is up, Tanorria chooses Diana, Diamond, and David to be safe from elimination.