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Yesterday, you were a team, but today, it's every cook for themselves.

The Pressure Test, commonly phrased as "the dreaded Pressure Test", is the alternative form of the Elimination Test in the MasterChef competition. It serves as another elimination challenge that is usually followed after a preceding Team Challenge.


Contestants from the losing team would have to face against each other shortly after donning their black aprons that will result in at least one contestant being sent home. Donning on their black aprons, they compete against each other for survival in a replication elimination challenge whereby they must recreate a very technical and difficult, professional, Michelin-starred dish, sweet or savory (sometimes replicate two or at most three different versions/plates) within a very limited amount of time, with a few changes on some occasions that requires a great degree of cooking finesse. Each dish is judged on taste, visual appeal and technique. Contestants who produced a flawless, top-notch replication are sent to safety up on the balcony, and the losing chefs are eliminated.

The purpose of Pressure Tests are used to test the contestants' ability to work under pressure.

Alternatively, the judges could eliminate at least one person from the losing team without having to face a Pressure Test. However, this only occurs on extremely rare occasions. The reason for this is unknown, but could most likely occur if the losing team performs so poorly below the expectations of the judges. This was introduced in Season 7 and later in Season 9 and Season 10.

Picking who gets chosen

The Pressure Test would allow either all or some of the losing contestants to compete. This limitation often differentiates as the competition progresses. Depending on the total number of contestants competing in the Pressure Test, there could be many, few, or none safe from elimination.

On most occasions, the judges often let the losing team captain decide who would be safe and who would stay in the Pressure Test. In this case, the team captain has the option to save a certain amount of contestants from the Pressure Test. Team captains have to be strategic by this decision, as they could either:

  • Save themselves and/or...
  • Save others in one or more of the following ways including, but not limited to:
    • Save cooks who worked the hardest on the team challenge
    • Save the weakest cooks to defeat them later and leave the strongest cooks to reduce potential competition
    • Save the strongest cooks to reduce the chances of getting themselves eliminated in the Pressure Test

Introduced in Season 10, the winning team captain could have the opportunity to send one of their teammates into the Pressure Test.

However, the team captain does not always have this decision. There are a few exceptions for this rule, including:

  • The judges themselves would instead decide who to be saved from the Pressure Test. This was first by Bri in Season 4, Leslie in Season 5, and later Adam in Season 8.
  • Consensus by the winning or losing team. This was first seen in Season 6 and later in Season 7 respectively.


Season 1

Episode 5 (Identifying Texas Chili Ingredients)

After the red team lost the Marine Team Challenge, they had to face the first pressure test in the show, Graham made a pot of Texas Chili and have the red team to taste and identify the ingredients. David, Faruq, Jenna, Sharone, Slim, and Whitney had to guess a lot of ingredients to keep themselves safe, the person who guesses the fewest ingredients will be eliminated, Jenna guessed the fewest ingredients with 7 and was eliminated.

Episode 7 (Identifying Everyday and Exotic Ingredients)

After the blue team lost the Hamburger Team Challenge, they had to taste and identify every day and exotic ingredients. Jake, Lee, Tony, Tracy, and Whitney had to guess a lot of ingredients to keep themselves safe, the person who guesses the fewest ingredients will be eliminated, Tony guessed the fewest ingredients with 9 and was eliminated.

Episode 9 (Pasta Dish)

After the blue team lost the Wedding Team Challenge, they had to cook a pasta dish and the judges announced that instead of 1 person being eliminated, the 2 people with the worst pasta dishes will be eliminated, Jake, Lee, Mike, and Tracy have 90 minutes to cook a pasta dish, Mike's pasta was good enough for him to be safe while Lee, Jake and Tracy were in the bottom 3, Tracy is the first one eliminated due to her Lasagna being over seasoned with bolognaise and Jake is the second one eliminated due to his Stuffed Calamari Pasta lacked the sauce, Lee survived the pressure test.

Episode 11 (Chocolate Souffle)

Since Sharone and Whitney dishes scored the lowest, they will have to battle it all out by making a Chocolate Souffle in the pressure test, Whitney made her souffle with orange zest, While Sharone made his souffle with sea salt, Sharone's souffle was unfortunately undercook, Whitney souffle was the best, making her safe and Sharone is eliminated.

Season 2

Episode 6 (Ravioli from Scratch)

After the blue team lost the Office Team Challenge, they had to make Ravioli, Alejandra, Christian, Esther, Giuseppe, Jennifer, Max, Tony, and Tracy have an hour to cook Ravioli, Esther, Jennfier and Tony were in the bottom for Esther's forgetting the egg yolk in her felling, Jennfier's using Raw Nutmeg and Tony's having his Pasta Thick, Tony was eliminated for having the worst Ravioli dish.

Episode 8 (Filets of Steak)

After the red team lost the Bikers Team Challenge, they had to face the pressure test, since Esther was team captain of the red team, she will get to choose 2 weakest people on who should face the pressure test, she chooses Max and Christine to face the pressure test, the judges tells the two they will have to cook 3 filet steaks, but they will have to cook it in 3 different ways, 1 Rare, 1 Medium, and 1 Well Done, whoever has the best filets will be safe while the other will be eliminated, they will have 30 minutes.

Graham first tastes the rare steak for both, Christine's rare steak was a pretty rare steak, while Max's rare steak had more of seared but only one side as the bottom looked poached, his steak was a little more then rare as Graham points out that the steak gets a litter lighter as he left it in the pan for to long.

Joe is the next one and tastes the medium steak for both, Christine's medium steak was pink and looked red then he expected, Joe tastes her filet and says its good and taste garlic but hoped she put more salt, Max's medium steak was more of red and less pink then he expected, Joe tastes his filet and says it was generous coding of salt and the seasoning was good.

Gordon is the last one and tastes the well-done steak for both, Christine's well-done steak was not well done, and it was pink, she was 3 minutes short, but the flavor was delicious, Max's well-done steak was also not well done as well, Gordon tastes his filet and it was glistening and got moisture.

The judges save Christine, and eliminated Max.

- Episode 12 (Eggs Benedict) = Alejandra, Ben, Derrick, Giuseppe, Suzy

- Episode 14 (Cheese Souffle) = Adrien, Christian, Derrick, Jennifer

- Episode 16 (Salmon) = Adrien, Jennifer, Tracy

- Episode 18 (Lemon Meringue Pie) = Christian, Suzy

Season 3

- Episode 5 (Apple Pie) = Christine, Felix, Frank, Michael, Scott, Stacey (EXEMPTED), Tali, Tanya

- Episode 7 (Molten Lava Cake) = Anna, David (EXEMPTED), Frank (EXEMPTED), Josh, Monti (EXEMPTED), Ryan, Tali

- Episode 9 (Tortellini's from Scratch) = Anna, David, Monti, Tanya

- Episode 12 (Eggs 4 Ways) = Becky, Felix (EXEMPTED), Josh, Monti

- Episode 16 (Fillet Mignon Steak) = David, Frank (EXEMPTED), Josh

- Episode 18 (SOUFFLES) = Frank, Josh

Season 4

- Episode 5 (Cheesecake) = Adriana, Eddie, Howard (EXEMPTED), James (EXEMPTED), Jonny, Jordan (EXEMPTED), Kathy, Krissi, Savannah

- Episode 7 (Round 1 Pressure Test) (Eggs Benedict) = Beth, Bime (EXEMPTED), Bri, Jordan (EXEMPTED), Kathy, Krissi, Luca, Natasha

- Episode 8 (Round 2 Pressure Test) (Gourmet Burger) = Beth & Natasha, Luca & Kathy

- Episode 8 (Round 3 Pressure Test) (Butter Poached Lobster) = Luca, Kathy

- Episode 10 (Lemonless Lemon Meringue Pie) = Bethy, Bime, James, Jonny (EXEMPTED), Jordan, Krissi (EXEMPTED), Narasha (EXEMPTED)

- Episode 12 (Macarons) = James (EXEMPTED), Jessie (EXEMPTED), Jonny, Luca (EXEMPTED), Lynn

- Episode 14 (Chicken Breast 3 Ways) = Bri, Jordan (EXEMPTED), Krissi, Luca, Savannah

- Episode 16 (Chocolate Eclairs) = Bri, Jessie, Jordan, Krissi (EXEMPTED)

- Episode 20 (Calamari) = Bri, Krissi, James

- Episode 22 (Replicate Judges Dish) = James, Krissi, Natasha

- Episode 23 (Chocolate Dessert) = Jessie, Krissi

Season 5

- Episode 3 (Blueberry Pie) = Christian (EXEMPTED), Courtney, Dan (EXEMPTED), Daniel, Elise, Gordon (EXEMPTED), Jaimee, Jordan, Leslie, Stephani

- Episode 5 (Steak Frites) = Ahran (EXEMPTED), Christian (EXEMPTED), Christine (EXEMPTED), Daniel (EXEMPTED), Francis B., Jaimee (EXEMPTED), Jordan, Leslie, Tyler (EXEMPTED)

- Episode 7 (Spring Rolls) = Christian, Cutter, Dan, Francis B.

- Episode 8 (Red Velvet Cake) = Cutter, Dan, Daniel (EXEMPTED), Francis L. (EXEMPTED), Leslie, Victoria (EXEMPTED), Willie

- Episode 10 (Chocolate Truffles) = Ahran. Christian, Christine, Cutter, Leslie, Willie

- Episode 12 (Ceviche, Prawn Tempura, and Stuffed Prawns) = Ahran, Christian (EXEMPTED), Courtney (EXEMPTED), Leslie, Victoria

- Episode 13 Round 1 (Poached Egg) = Cutter, Daniel, Jaimee, Willie

- Episode 13 Round 2 (Egg Yolk Ravioli) = Cutter, Daniel, Jaimee

- Episode 13 Round 3 (CHEESE SOUFFLE) = Daniel, Jaimee

- Episode 15 (Croquembouche) = Christian, Courtney, Jaimee

- Episode 17 (California Box) = Cutter, Leslie

- Episode 18 (Cakes from America) = Courtney, Leslie

Season 6

- Episode 4 (Cinnamon Rolls) = Ailsa (EXEMPTED), Claudia (EXEMPTED), Dan (EXEMPTED), Darah, Derrick (EXEMPTED), Hetal, Katrina, Olivia, Sara (EXEMPTED), Tommy

- Episode 6 (Steaks) = Ailsa, Christopher, Claudia, Derrick, Hetal (EXEMPTED), Katrina (EXEMPTED), Shelly (EXEMPTED), Veronica (EXEMPTED)

- Episode 8 (Three Layer Birthday Cake) = Amanda, Charlie, Claudia, Nick, Sara, Shelly, Stephen (EXEMPTED)

- Episode 9 (Ramsay's Most Well Known Appetizers) = Derrick, Katrina, Kerry, Nick

- Episode 11 (Fruit Tart) = Christopher, Hetal, Olivia (EXEMPTED), Shelly, Stephen

- Episode 12 (Gnocchi) = Christopher, Derrick (EXEMPTED), Olivia, Nick, Tommy

- Episode 14 (Head Meats) = Claudia, Derrick, Hetal, Olivia

- Episode 16 (Judges Favorite Pasta Dishes) = Derrick, Hetal, Katrina

- Episode 18 (Chocolate Malted Layered Cake) = Claudia, Nick

- Episode 19 (Three Classic Dishes) = Claudia, Stephen

Season 7

- Episode 7 (Fried Chicken) = David, Diana, Eric (EXEMPTED), Katie, Manny, Tanorria, Terry

- Episode 9 (Three Layer Birthday Cake) = Alejandro, Dan, Eric, Shaun, Tanorria, Terry

- Episode 10 (Sausages from Scratch) = Andrea, Diamond, Eric, Nathan (EXEMPTED), Shaun, Terry

- Episode 15 (Chocolate Dessert) = Dan, Katie, Shaun

- Episode 17 (Pork Dishes) = David, Tanorria

Season 8

- Episode 4 (Grilled Pork Chop) = Caitlin, Daniel (EXEMPTED), Dino, Gabriel, Jeff (EXEMPTED), Jennifer, Jenny, Paige, Reba (EXEMPTED)

- Episode 7 (Gordon's British Fish and Chips) = Caitlin (EXEMPTED), Dino (EXEMPTED), Jason (EXEMPTED), Jeff (EXEMPTED), Jennifer, Jenny (EXEMPTED), Reba (EXEMPTED), Yachecia

- Episode 9 (CANNOLI) = Adam. Brien, Dino, Eboni, Jeff, Newton, Yachecia (EXEMPTED)

- Episode 11 (Champagned Poached Lobster)= Caitlin (EXEMPTED), Daniel (EXEMPTED), Gabriel (EXEMPTED), Jeff (EXEMPTED), Newton, Yachecia

- Episode 13 (Chicken and Potato Dish) = Adam, Caitlin

- Episode 15 (Chocolate Truffles) = Daniel, Dino, Jeff, Yachecia

- Episode 17 (CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE) = Cate, Eboni, Jeff

Season 9

Season 10