Stephani Syfax was in masterchef season five.

In the first episode they made meatloaf for the elimination test. Courtney chose 10 people to go up on the balcony. Stephanie was not chosen the in the elimination test Stephani put blue cheese with meatloaf. The judges hated her dish, which sent herself to the bottom three, which was her, Whitney and Dan. They thought Dan had the best dish out of the bottom. So they asked Courtney who should go home she said Whitney, so Stephani was safe. The team during the challenge Stephani was on is the blue team. They ultimately lost, during the pressure test, Daniel (the captain) saved three people, but Stephani was not one of them. Stephani then made a blueberry pie with pecan. Her and Elise's were the worst ones, they asked Stephani if she hers is better than Elise's. She replied with that since Elise is a baker, she thinks it is. She got eliminated, resulting in a 20th place finish and she thought that Elise was a sweetheart, but she doesn't have what it takes. Elise was sad to see Stephani leave.